Saturday, December 14, 2013

In a land of myth and a time of magic...

the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders
of a young boy.
His name,



I have been absent for while. Yes, I was going to give excuses. But really, it's just one. 


Last month, I came to the family room and saw my sister was watching something.
"What're you watching?" I ask.
"Merlin," she says.
I freaked out. I had seen the cover on Netflix before, several times and I could tell it was something I would love. But I never had tried it out. 
"Do you like it?"
"I'm only on the second episode, but it's great so far," she says. "You can watch it."

And so I did. 


And that is the reason I have not been posting. I've started taking my time with it, because I realized that yes, it has an end. Endings are never happy. The show ended last year, ending with 5 seasons. I'm in the fifth season now, and I'm starting to slow down LOTS. I really don't want it to end. 

I had a thought. "Oh. Look. I'm not busy...watching Merlin...I can post now."
Just to tell you that I'm still alive.

The main character, Merlin, is acted by Colin Morgan. The first time I saw Colin, it was in one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who.

His name was Jethro in this episode called 'Midnight'. He was favorite one in this episode, actually, because he actually did something besides talk and ask the Doctor questions. He noticed things. 
I noticed that he was the same face on the cover of Merlin. 
Now after watching Merlin (and of course behind-the-scenes!) Colin Morgan has officially made it to my top favorite celebrity list.

No, none is writer-related. But I'm alive and posting! 

Also, if you're interested in this sometimes-overdone, hilarious, magical series, here's a trailer.

I'll be back!

Savo'lass a lalaith,
-The Writer

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  1. ... Yes! I'm not the only one! My family and I have been watching a television show (made quite awhile ago. Fifty years or so) and it was epic.
    We watched the last couple of episodes last week.