Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Hello, All!

I was very enthused by the responses I got about the Short Story Contest! One person couldn't comment so she sent me an e-mail instead, and I enjoyed that. So thank you!
      I did want to say, that although you have 3 1/2 months to work on your story, feel free to send it any time you want between now and then. And, you'll have to allow a little longer than that before I post any stories, so that way my family can read them. I can't wait to read them!
      February 14th is the deadline, end of contest. It seems so far away, but it will creep up really fast! I also was a little surprised to see it ended on Valentine's Day; no, it wasn't planned. Yes, I'm okay with that. :)

     Anyhow, I've been working on a story for another contest called the Five Glass Slippers. It ends December 31st, and I haven't even sent it in yet (hence the I've Been Working). I'm hurrying, but really, the truth is, I didn't want it to end.
     Eventually every one of them has to, of course. You can't keep up the story forever. Go ahead, make a series out of it. But let's face it. That ends too.
     One of my favorite series is the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer. Brilliant series. That was what really got my little brother to like reading. I've read the series twice. I couldn't wait for more to come out!
      And that's when my sister delivered the devastating news. Eoin Colfer had written the last book already. It was the only one we didn't own. I still haven't read it. I've been putting it off a little bit. "Oh yeah, I got this book and this book and this book to read."
      The truth? I don't want to say goodbye. I love the twelve-year-old genius that grows up to be a mess. I love his sidekick-but-not-really elf friend who has the awesome red hair and crew cut. I love his bodyguard and bodyguard's sister. I don't want to see them leave.
*small spoiler alert!!*
      I've already seen one of the characters leave (because honestly, all the authors with these amazing books WILL KILL A FAVORITE CHARACTER) and it was sad. It's funny in a way, because when I watched that character leave, I later learned that I gave the same reaction as the rest of my family who had read the books.
      "WHAT ON nooooo he didn't leave! He's coming back at the end of this book. Of course" and then we finish the book and it's
      "Oh...he really IS gone. I..."
       Story of my life
      Truer words have never been said. (And excuse the mistype. Wasn't me. :p)

Sometime or other, I'm going to set down my pen, close the book, and say, "Goodbye." It's going to be hard. I'm not going to like it. But hey, there's nothing I can do about it.

 So it will be with my 'Beauty and the Beast' retelling. I want to see their lives lived out, but really, I can only see so far and know that the rest of the way, although I won't see it, they will live Happily Ever After.
      Let's remember that when you're saying goodbye. You saw them this far, you'll see no more. But they'll live Happily Ever After. And then you'll know: You've done your job. And well done.

     Unless you're that kind of ridiculous person who lets your favorite character die.
 And the next one and the next one and the next one until there's NO ONE LEFT except the main characters.
Really, Suzanne Collins?

See you on the other side of the wardrobe.
-The Writer


  1. I agree. What was Suzanne Collins thinking???

    Also, that picture was me last week. I had a mini-breakdown. There was yelling involved (though not at any real people). It was not pretty.

    1. Ugh, I know! I hate when books do that to you. :p

  2. Oh, I know. When I finished the Redwall series I was so sad to be done. I read them out of order, but the last one I read really was the last one. And it was different than the rest of the book. I heard another author finished it when Brian Jacques died. Whoever wrote it, they killed off way too many of the young heroes at the end.

    But just recently, I read The Mistmantle Chronicles, which were just as good. Though I think I was crying by the end. :)

    1. Redwall series sounds familiar; it's probably because of my older sister. Is it good?

      Although it's not a book, there's something I'm currently watching which I feel like is going to be the second movie/TV show that's ever made me cry. Sometimes, you just get those feelings. ;)

    2. Gasp? You haven't read the Redwall series by Brian Jacques? I was completely crazy about them when I was reading them a couple of years ago! (I actually drew 200 little pictures from them!) I'm sure you've heard that Clara loves the Mistmantle Chronicles.

      Well, these are similar. It's an animal world, full of vivacious characters from noble hero to smart-talking sidekick to ruthless villain. They're quite epic. There are twenty-two books, and only some of them are directly connected to the other. If you're going to read all of them, I suggest reading The Sable Quean and not The Rogue Crew last. The author died rather unexpectedly, and the Sable Quean was a more satisfying end to the series than the one after it.

      Oh, I adore the characters and accents in these books! The otters are so awesome, but my favorite animals have to be the hares, doncha' know, wot, wot? They're a jolly sort, you see, but perilous. Aye, perilous. But the most spiffin' of the lot has to be The Taggerung, a tale not for wee little Dibbuns.

      Sorry, when Redwall is brought up, I must start talking in a British accent. Good show, old chap. Top marks all around, wot. ;)

  3. I have had to go outside to cry out my sorrows at the end of a book, once. And I have to agree, I just hate having to come to the end of a book, or series!!!