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Wednesday Wonders

It's time for another Wednesday Wonder, y'all! Today's Wonder is from the story of one of my dearest friends...

Author Bio.
Clara Diane Thompson (also known as Clara Darling) is an eighteen year-old fantasy writer who hopes to be a published author someday. She lives in the swamps of Louisiana with her loving family and very confused frog that resides in the birdhouse outside.

Character Bio.

     Doctor Nicholas Kinkly is a marine biologist in the seaside town of Tranquility. By day he does his regular duties as a biologist, and by night he hunts sirens that have escaped from the sea and are wreaking havoc upon the sleepy little town. His job is to capture the murderous sirens and return them to the sea to be judged by their sisters. The young Doctor lives a life of excitement, but even he can become susceptible to the wiles of the mer-folk.  

Normally, I ask which character wants to be interviewed and I email the interview to them. But today, Nicholas got to be my first character to be gmail chatted! It was very exciting.


Nicholas: Hullo, Writer dear. This is Doctor Nicholas Kinkly. It's awfully nice of you to want to talk to me!
 Hello, Doctor! It's nice to talk to you. :) You are a marine biologist, I believe?

Nicholas: Yes. Marine Biology is what I do most of the time. Studying ocean life and all that. It's terribly interesting.

  Is it particularly dangerous? Your day job, I mean.

Nicholas: Not...particularly, no. Although a shark did take a snap at me once.

  How exciting!

 Nicholas: I suppose it was rather exciting now that I think about it!
 But for the most part I stay out of the water. At least until nighttime.

And then?

 Nicholas: And then the whole ocean changes. It becomes dark and mysterious and completely frightening. I love it! Anyway, I love going for a swim at night, especially when there's a full moon out.

 You're not afraid of mermaids catching you? :o

Nicholas: Mermaids? No. Sirens are another story.

  Ooh have you caught one?
Nicholas: Several, actually...I say, I really shouldn't be telling you this. It's classified, you see.

 You can't even tell me one story? A short one?

Nicholas:  Oh, I suppose. Just so long as you don't put it up on a blog or anything.
     Well, it was late one evening when I first met her.
     I was going out for my first midnight swim and I had just arrived at the beach. There were a few people scattered here and there in the darkness, but no one was anywhere near me. There was a rather large cliff next to me, but I didn't really even notice it at the time.
    But then I heard a scream. Two figures, I presumed they were women, were at the top of the cliff, struggling with each other. And then one girl fell over the edge, dragging the other girl with her.
Oh my...
Nicholas: It was horrible. I, being quite manly and brave, dove in after them both.
(he PAUSED here can you believe that) Then what happened??
Nicholas:  And then I don't remember anything else. I woke up on the shore the next morning, battered and bruised, and in desperate need of some hot tea. But I recieved a letter from a dolphin. (Don't ask. I'm not even sure how it delivered the letter either.) The letter told me to look for enchantingly beautiful women and return them to the sea by whatever means. The next day I got some helpful supplies (including some ear plugs that keep out the siren's songs!) and I got to work! The mermaids pay me quite well...and it's a good job. Quite exciting, I mean.
That is AMAZING!
Nicholas: Yes it was, rather.
 Have you found the enchantingly beautiful women yet?
 Nicholas: Oh, gosh yes! They're practically everywhere. Once you've gotten used to looking for them, it's quite easy. They aren't just beautiful...they're frightening. And when you find a frightening and beautiful woman, you know she's a siren.
 Wait, you mean sirens walk among us?
Nicholas: Didn't I just say that? Oh. Sorry if I didn't. I do tend to get ahead of myself. To answer your question, yes, they do. Actually, that sounds like a jolly good name for a book! "Sirens Walk Among Us"...that's rather catchy, isn't it? 
 Eye-catching, I'd say. I'd pick it up in a heartbeat!
 Have you told anyone about your discovery? Any close friends or is it a secret?
Nicholas: It's mostly a secret. But I did tell my dear old friend May Pruitt about it. Well, I had to because a siren had found her way into May's house. Now that she knows, she wants to become my personal assistant! She might have a hard time of it, though; considering she's a rather fragile  old lady. Well, all old ladies are fragile...Please don't tell her I said that!
 I won't, I promise. 
Nicholas: Good. She acts like a grumpy old eel when I try to protect her from something dangerous! Don't tell her I said that, either.
 Ha ha Oh no I wouldn't! But I believe it.
 Nicholas: Thanks!

Well, dear Doctor, it's been almost an hour since we started talking! The time has flown!
Nicholas: By Poseidon, it certainly has! Thanks for the chat and all that. It's been quite lovely. But remember...this is top secret. If you ever find yourself around Tranquility, please pop in and have a cup of tea with me! I'd love to show you round. Perhaps we could even go hunting sirens together. You seem like you would enjoy it.
 I will! That sounds like something I would enjoy immensely. Thank you so much for your time! Until we meet again!
Nicholas: Goodbye Writer of Ponderings! It's been quite nice getting to know you.
I had a delightful time interviewing him, and I can't wait to interview someone else! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did chatting him!
-The Writer

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Goddess Tithe Cover Reveal!!

I had posted this when I was supposed to...but on the wrong blog!! So sorry, Ponderers!