Saturday, January 10, 2015

being a blogger is hard

Being a blogger is actually hard for me now. I don't take the time to write blog posts anymore (as you very well know) and I have a hard time actually coming up with things to write about, which makes it harder.
     I'm not here to make anymore promises. Those just don't work and all it does is maybe give me an inkling of hope that I'll blog more, when in reality I won't.
     However, I've been thinking about starting a vlog.
     "Hey, isn't that the same thing? You would still be blogging."
     True. But, it is blogging with a video, and for me, a lot more appealing. I could be anything in a video, whereas a blog, I feel like I need to stick to one subject. Even my Sassy Sister blog is kinda dead now.
     So I'm thinking of deleting some blogs (but not this one) and becoming a vlogger.
     If you would be a dear, comment below if you think I should switch to vlogs, and, if you would be even dearer, give me a few suggestions on a couple topics. Even dearest? Comment anything you want to hear. Ask me questions, ask my opinion, ask me to give a review on anything...just ask. Or tell me.
     I'm a little nervous, but I think you'll hear from me a lot more, both as a writer and a person. (or are those the same things? nevermind...)