Sunday, November 18, 2012

Home pitiful little attempt at this blog needs to be updated, doesn't it? I don't want to give it up because I love the design I did and because I spent so much time doing it, so I may as well keep the blog, shouldn't I?
We're not going back to the Beach House minus one time to finish painting our deck until summer. Did you know, I just accidentally wrote 'summer' with a capital 'S'. I suppose I'm getting confused with my main character in my book that I'm writing for NaNoWriMo currently...
Anywho, just an update to say that I ACTUALLY DO EXIST AND I AM ALIVE!! Now there's a shocker! You didn't think that a zombie was writing this, did you? Yes, I have brains, so no, I mustn't be a zombie, then.
But don't worry! The zombies are looking for brains, so you're safe!
Just kidding. Just felt like throwing this in. I saw that line somewhere and thought it was HILARIOUS. Just cause I can.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

At Home

Right now, we're at home, in Louisiana.
Christie, my dad, and my mom went on a Canada Missions Trip with our church group and will be back on Saturday; well, my mom and my dad will actually be going to California as soon as the Missions Trip is over, so we won't see them at all till they get back from San Diego. Two weeks!

But at least Christie is coming back on Saturday.

Oh, amazing story!
After piano on Monday, Melissa picked me and Sam up, and we went to Payless to get Sam some church shoes he really needed.
We had a coupon for a deal; if we bought 25 dollars worth of shoes, we would get this much percent off.
But Sam's shoes were only fifteen dollars; not enough, obviously. So Melissa turns to me and she asks if I want a pair of shoes.
Of course, I said sure.
Soon afterward, I found some sandals I loved a lot, for twenty dollars. They were fives, but they were too small for me, so we asked the ladies to please order five and a half and a six.
Luckily, we were able to pay for Sam's shoes AND my shoes, although they hadn't gotten here yet.
So fifteen and twenty dollars made over twenty-five, apparently.
But the ladies messed up.
Melissa told them that, but the ladies couldn't go back a fix it, so they just told Melissa "Merry Christmas!"
Want to know what happened when they messed up?
My twenty dollar shoes became seven dollar shoes and Sam's fifteen dollar shoes became five dollar shoes.
Now, tell me that is not incredible.
We saved TWENTY FIVE dollars on our shoes. hey, the coupon said 25 dollars on it!! :)

Well, post later!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More at Starfish Cove

I usually save my favorites for the very end, but in this case, I kind of messed up, so one of my favorites is on top and one is at the end. (of course I love the others, but I still have favorites.)
Rope on the boat, which took me several shots to get a good one.
Boat bimney (boat shade) holder-thingy. Don't ask.
So it seems that I forgot to put up this picture of Caroline on the Sassy Sister, so I just put it on here instead, which is actually okay, because I wanted to put up at least one picture of Caroline on here. :)
Erin and I found a bunch of GORGEOUS, pink and red and white shells. This picture is my very favorite (next to the starfish) and my favorite shell. :)

And I shall be posting more later on! (LOTS more editing to do on LOTS more pictures)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Starfish Cove

Today, my parents, Emily, Sam, me, Christie, Melissa, Caroline and Erin went to Starfish Cove.
You couldn't take ONE step into the ocean without stepping on at least part of a starfish. Crazy, am I right?

I will tell you, I am not afraid of starfish, but I won't touch them if I can. :) So I just took lots of pictures and found lots of shells.
More coming later! There are just too many to edit right now, so this is it for the day. :)
Will write again soon! (like tomorrow!) :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

At the Beach Cottage

;Here are some pictures I took with my iPod, then edited, and now here they are! :)
I couldn't decide which edited version of the pictures above I liked better, so, of course, I just put both on. :)

This last one is my absolute favorite. :) More coming soon!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Almost Here!

The day that we leave for Florida with our friends is Almost Here!! I can't wait! We don't get to go to the beach too often with this family, they're so busy!
Actually, the picture above is not of Florida, it's of Hawaii. Beach person talking here! :)

Ya know, I'm so excited about my new blog. I have literally spent about an hour fixing my blog. The blog header itself took up so much time! Then I tried doing something else, but it just ruined my blog and I had to fiddle around for a bit until I could find out how to bring the old version back.
Quite aggravating, I tell you, but once the bit of aggravation is over, it's actually really fun for me to decorate and write on my blog.

Well, I shall post later, when I am in Florida!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hey, Everyone!

Well, first things first! Me and my family visit the beach a lot. Actually (as you may have noticed in the title) we own a beach house in Florida. Every time (just about) that we go there, something adventurous happens! Or cool, if not adventurous, anyway.

Last time we were there, we made a movie with some dear friends. You should totally check it out!
They make awesome movies and they own an awesome blog. Seriously.

Our beach house is directly in front of a park. Follow that trail for two minutes, and you come to the small beach! We boat a lot, and we water ski, kneeboard, a few of us wakeboard, and we go tubing a lot.

Well, next week we are having another family over at our beach house, so I shall definitely post pictures of our trip!
I hope you like my blog!