Wednesday, August 8, 2012

At Home

Right now, we're at home, in Louisiana.
Christie, my dad, and my mom went on a Canada Missions Trip with our church group and will be back on Saturday; well, my mom and my dad will actually be going to California as soon as the Missions Trip is over, so we won't see them at all till they get back from San Diego. Two weeks!

But at least Christie is coming back on Saturday.

Oh, amazing story!
After piano on Monday, Melissa picked me and Sam up, and we went to Payless to get Sam some church shoes he really needed.
We had a coupon for a deal; if we bought 25 dollars worth of shoes, we would get this much percent off.
But Sam's shoes were only fifteen dollars; not enough, obviously. So Melissa turns to me and she asks if I want a pair of shoes.
Of course, I said sure.
Soon afterward, I found some sandals I loved a lot, for twenty dollars. They were fives, but they were too small for me, so we asked the ladies to please order five and a half and a six.
Luckily, we were able to pay for Sam's shoes AND my shoes, although they hadn't gotten here yet.
So fifteen and twenty dollars made over twenty-five, apparently.
But the ladies messed up.
Melissa told them that, but the ladies couldn't go back a fix it, so they just told Melissa "Merry Christmas!"
Want to know what happened when they messed up?
My twenty dollar shoes became seven dollar shoes and Sam's fifteen dollar shoes became five dollar shoes.
Now, tell me that is not incredible.
We saved TWENTY FIVE dollars on our shoes. hey, the coupon said 25 dollars on it!! :)

Well, post later!