Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More at Starfish Cove

I usually save my favorites for the very end, but in this case, I kind of messed up, so one of my favorites is on top and one is at the end. (of course I love the others, but I still have favorites.)
Rope on the boat, which took me several shots to get a good one.
Boat bimney (boat shade) holder-thingy. Don't ask.
So it seems that I forgot to put up this picture of Caroline on the Sassy Sister, so I just put it on here instead, which is actually okay, because I wanted to put up at least one picture of Caroline on here. :)
Erin and I found a bunch of GORGEOUS, pink and red and white shells. This picture is my very favorite (next to the starfish) and my favorite shell. :)

And I shall be posting more later on! (LOTS more editing to do on LOTS more pictures)

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  1. I accidentally followed you twice! Oh, well. Like the Beach Blog!

    Emma of Tin Lane