Friday, July 13, 2012

Hey, Everyone!

Well, first things first! Me and my family visit the beach a lot. Actually (as you may have noticed in the title) we own a beach house in Florida. Every time (just about) that we go there, something adventurous happens! Or cool, if not adventurous, anyway.

Last time we were there, we made a movie with some dear friends. You should totally check it out!
They make awesome movies and they own an awesome blog. Seriously.

Our beach house is directly in front of a park. Follow that trail for two minutes, and you come to the small beach! We boat a lot, and we water ski, kneeboard, a few of us wakeboard, and we go tubing a lot.

Well, next week we are having another family over at our beach house, so I shall definitely post pictures of our trip!
I hope you like my blog!

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