Monday, April 6, 2015

Dear Readers,
     While I have been absent, I've had a nice break from a lot of distractions. And when I came back from my nice break (um, I visited Europe...there was that...eep!) my Writer sense came back as well. It was never that I didn't like to write, but I think I was getting tired of writing and had nothing to write either. This may explain my lack of posting...ahem...but I've been missing my blogger friends, and while again, I can never promise that I'll come back and post, I noticed that I hadn't checked my blog in a while, and when I did I had completely forgotten about my last post.
     Well, some boring news, I am not a writer vlogger. But the response I received was very nice. Y'all supported my decision (even though it didn't wind up happening) and even suggested a few things even though y'all weren't too excited about it ;p and I never thanked you!
     So, I have to reply to Miss Meredith: Yes, one time I did mention a villain interview! I completely forgot about that as well! In fact, I do have it saved to my drafts, ready for my editing and publishing. What a very nice feeling to be back, even if only temporarily.

     What I want most is for me not to be afraid to post random little snippets of my work- that is, ones I don't mind sharing. I just have to get around to sharing them and not minding too much if people don't read anyway. I saw a nice thing somewhere where people just requested a story by giving an idea and the writer supplied them with a nice little short story, from the original idea of course. And I was going to say something else but I can't remember what it was and that is very annoying. I am annoyed. And also late for an event.

I must bid you farewell until further notice.
Savo'lass a lalaith,

     The Writer


  1. You visited Europe? I'm jelly-ous; I want to go to Europe!
    I would love to read some snippets of your writing, whenever you feel like sharing them. :)

  2. Great to hear how things are going with you, Molly. A trip to Europe? How fantastic! I know it must have been beautiful and such fun! Best wishes with all your projects, and, like Sarah, I'd love to read some of your work whenever you have an opportunity to share. God bless you.

  3. Molly, we've missed you! Ooo, Europe? How exciting! I hope to continue hearing from you!

  4. Wow! Europe must have been fun!? ;) I love reading any tidbits you can throw this way. Love you!