Tuesday, May 27, 2014

soaring through imagination

I am flying.
     Hanging, suspended in the air above a city of extraordinary creatures.
     I am weightless.
     Life goes on beneath my feet. They are unaware of me as I fly over them, swerving to and fro though traffic. I am invisible.
     The scenery changes to that of a forest, where I brush the tips of trees with my fingers. I turn my face up, enjoying the way the current feels.
      I push up, out of the water and open my eyes, where shrieks and laughter fills my ears. There is no real city after all, no real traffic, just crabs and hermit-crabs.
     There is no real forest, just seaweed and leaves.
     I am still weightless, and I still feel like I could fly. But I choose to join my friends, making the biggest splash I can.
    And as I dry off, I think how wonderful, how amazing it is to be able to soar through imagination and see cities where others see sand, to see magical creatures where some only see fish.

Imagination is one of the most extraordinary things people could ever have. The things we see can be shown through more than just stories and writing; they are shown in paintings, in drawings, in carved wood. They are shown in the way a pianist plays, for the pianist sees a story in his music the way we see one in our tales. They're shown in the way a dancer dances, the way that a designer makes clothes...
      I could not ask for anything more- except for tea. and books. books are good. and music. I like music.

I will be back this week, featuring another short story- I wish I hadn't gotten off track with it. They're all so wonderful!
     And I'm proud to announce, I'm being an influencer for one of my dearest friend's book, which is getting published in a volume of four other people's stories as well! 
Savo'lass a lalaith, Dearest Readers. 
-The Writer 


  1. Loved this post, Molly! I'm glad we get to imagine and drink tea together. ;)

  2. That was Beautiful.... You certainly have a brilliant imagination Molly! And you are putting it to Excellent use!!