Sunday, February 9, 2014

and it's dawning...


      I won't have very much time to post in the foreseeable future; a heads up so you know where I've gone. School, rehearsals--which we are now putting together acts. We go off-book next week!--and my beloved sister-in-law is coming as well, and I plan to be going to a couple Mardi Gras parades with her. So...

     New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con was this weekend! It was amazing. We didn't go today because we were pretty much tired of the crowds and the hassle of the parking, but other than that...Matt Smith (11th Doctor in Doctor Who) was there on Saturday; a friend we met at theatre got a picture with Smith. I was a little bit jealous ;) but I got to go to the Q&A session, and he was hilariously charming as always.
      We saw some great costumes I was able to get pictures by, and Friday I got to meet an actor who plays my favorite character on a favorite TV show...Manu Bennett, who plays Slade in Arrow. He also plays the White Orc leader in The Hobbit. So yeah, I got his autograph. It was surreal. It didn't seem real until the next day.
       I meant to go as Dauntless from the book Divergent, but I don't think people recognized that on the first day. So the second day, I got a sword and pinned buttons onto my jacket, still planning to be Dauntless...but with a sword. I had a Mockingjay pin and I also braided my hair without thinking about who I would look like.
       I was walking into the convention and I heard, "Katniss!" I whip around like WHERE I want a picture with that cosplay. But...they were calling me. To get a weapon check.
       I got called Katniss throughout the day, so I stuck with that and just waved to the callers. Oh well.
              ...the end of the short story contest is dawning...the 14th is dawning. It's less than five days away! (I get confused whether it's five or four, so I stick with less than...)

      So, get back to writing and send me your submission! :)
Savo'lass a lalaith,
-The Writer

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  1. First, I'm kind of jealous. I want to go to a con soooo much; why are all the good ones either in Florida or California?
    Second, since when does Katniss have a sword? Though going as Dauntless is pretty awesome. If I ever get a chance to cosplay, I may borrow that idea.
    And my short story is in progress; I just have to decide how I want to finish it.