Thursday, October 24, 2013


When we're traveling, about half the trip I stare outside. You might see trees and flowers.
     But what I see is a world beyond our own, full of elves, princesses, assassins, talking animals, and most importantly, magic.
     I've never gotten any story idea just from the top of my head. It's the inspiration from something.
     For me, mostly inspiration comes from our woods. We own a five-acre lot and most of it's woods surrounding us. You can't even see a little bit of our house from the street.
     My sister enjoys taking walks in the woods while she talks.
     My brother and I? We enjoy fighting the Nazis, being ninjas in the trees, warding off monsters, and dealing with annoying pixies who follow us around. It's not hard to get my sisters outside with us, but I think my brother and I have the most adventures because we're more outdoorsy.
      Inspiration is an interesting thing. What can you see when you look at a mushroom? I see a fairy stool, where fairies come out at night and dance around it.
      What about the lost knife sitting by the road? Surely someone was ambushed and fought for his life, losing his knife in the process.
      It's fun to observe people who are currently unaware of everything but what they see in their world. I've sat in a tree and watched as someone was deep in a battle zone. He was calling out things like, "INTO THE FOXHOLE!"
      "...are they gone, over?"
      "Coast clear, over."
      Then commenced the series of combat rolls and shooting with his Tommy gun.
      It was neat to watch what he did, and he didn't even know I saw him. was my brother. But it was neat to watch him engage in a world I'd never dreamed about.

Here are some pictures that I love to bits because I can see so much happening there. If only I could be there too...
(excuse the various sizes...)
dreamy place

dreamy place
 Bridge of Immortals - Mt. Huanshan, China

So...the comments on the last post was a little unexpected. 'Solving the Little Mysteries'.
click to enlarge

Hannah said: Say, that's a good drawing. I'm especially impressed by the shading and curve of the wall. Great job!
 Okay! I'll take it! I was only posting the picture so I could conjure up the post; but thank you!
Clara said: Great post, Molly! Now I want you to answer the questions you asked about that incredibly mysterious picture you drew...I'm especially curious to know who's hand she's holding, and what is that bag in her hand?!
and last but not least,
Lydia said: If your goal was to get us stirred up about a your mysterious picture you have succeeded. It is all VERY mysterious! The mountain background- the bag- the Other person, won't you write us a Short story at least?....Please!!! 

     Firstly, I did want to say: I'm mostly thankful that y'all recognized the bag in her hand. My brother thought it was a chicken drumstick.
      Secondly; I came up with an idea. Y'all wanted me to answer the questions I asked about the girl, maybe in a short story? Whew. I don't know.
     And that's the queue for the idea. What if y'all submitted short stories to my blog? It has to do something with the scene; but the rest is all up to you!
     Watcha think? If I get at least four yeses, then I'll post the rules and a better picture of the scene for you.
     That aside, what gives you the most inspiration? (you can also paste a link to an inspiring picture; I'll check it out!)
     Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

-The Writer


  1. Oooooo! Yes, beautiful pictures and scenery are very inspiring. A dear friend of mine lives in a beautiful farm with fields, forests, cliffs, and willow-lined creek. Together, along with her brother, we act out multi-charactar epics. It's so much fun.

    Yes! I love the idea of a short story contest inspired by a picture. I'm not sure if I'll have the time, but I'd love to give it a shot.

    Do you think I could use the idea of a story contest inspired by a drawing on my blog sometime in the future too? It's such a fantastic idea.

    1. Augh I love the depiction of a willow-lined creek and cliffs! That sounds really cool!

      Absolutely use the idea! That would be fun! And you're such a talented artist, I'm sure you'll have a great picture to write about. :)

  2. Being in a beautiful place is definitely inspiring. And woods are the best. Though most of the woody areas near our house are also swampy and not much fun for wandering through.

    I like the idea of a short story-inspired-by-a-picture contest. I can't guarantee I'll enter, but I'll try if I have time.

    1. Swamps aren't fun for wandering, I agree, but they are gorgeous in full moon. Just as long as the gators don't getcha! ;)

  3. Sure, I'll try the contest--but please post the other people's entries for all to read.
    As for inspiration, I also love the outdoors and certain places inspire my creativity. Also, I've had a number of dreams that give me ideas for stories. I've even had dreams that ARE stories themselves! Some books and movies also are so amazing, touch me so much, that I want to write a book like that, to touch others in such a way as these have touched me.

  4. Oh, and I love, love, love those pictures! I want to go to that bridge so badly! But does it even really exist, or is it just photo-shopped?

    1. I was planning on posting everyone's entries; or else where's the fun? I love to make a pot of tea and sit down to read everyone's entries when someone else holds a writing contest.

      I got the picture from Pinterest. It says it's called the 'Bridge of Immortals' and it's in Mt. Huanshan, China. I googled it too; apparently it IS real! I would love to see it myself.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! Hopefully it will be as awesome as I'm hoping it will be :)

  6. I'd like to participate, Molly! I hope I can find the time...

  7. Yes, the woods is a good place to be, I grew up in them.........Actually it was/is a swamp, but hey! Tadpoles, minnows, and crawdads are a lot of fun Lol!!!
    Molly I Love those pic's, especially the one with the bridge! I could think up a good story about it.....
    I'm not a very good writer but I could try to enter your contest. Sounds Fun!!!