Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday's Villain

Hello All!
Today is the first Saturday's Villain day! This is where I host a villain guest-post and interview the villain on his day off. (Yes, even villains have days off! Who likes working on a Saturday?)

First, I will introduce the author and her book. The interview will be below.

Author bio:

Rachel Roy is a dental assistant, middle of ten kids, writer, and suffers from AD--ooh, have you read Anne of Green Gables?
  She's been a writer since twelve. She wrote The Castle Bard at 16, and intends to rewrite it someday.

Story Synopsis:

Princess Brianna has never had trouble rejecting suitors. Not, that is, until she meets Arliss, self-proclaimed fearless hero. He's handsome, dashing, and clearly thinks she's gorgeous. What more could a girl want? Not even her best friend the Bard can spoil the romance. After all, he's just jealous.

Until the Bard unmasks Arliss as a liar looking for a lazy life as a prince. And a coward. And not even that handsome, all things considered.

To deal with her heartbreak, she takes up swordplay...and Arliss takes up revenge. It's clearly the Bard's fault that he is no longer the prospective heir-by-marriage, so Arliss and his shady friends come after the Bard.

But they haven't reckoned on Brianna. She's smarting from her embarrassment and itching to try out her new sword skills. Besides, the Bard is her best friend...and maybe something more.

 Villain's Bio:
Arliss was the companion to Prince Eugene and a suitor for the princess's hand...until he ran afoul of the Bard. Since the events of the story, which were certainly not his fault, he has been languishing in the king's prison. Or doing hard labor outside. He prefers languishing. 
And now, the interview with Arliss!

Hey, Arliss! Thanks for doing this with me! So, how did you come around to being hired by Prince Eugene?

I wished to travel, and being paid to travel seemed ideal. Besides, hanging around a fat man can only make me look handsomer!

Oh. That sounds nice.
I learned you had to fight a dragon...because you of a girl you flirted with? Did you really?

 But of course! Allow a member of the fairest sex to suffer danger or injury? That would be despicable!
Eugene may claim there were a few other men with me, but he's making that up.

 After you lost your job with Prince Eugene, how did you meet Tmimons, Mitchell, and McElroy?

They were old friends, actually, from before I worked for Eugene. They were delighted to help me get back on my feet...until that filthy Bard fellow's friends interfered.

I wasn't going to mention a certain someone, but since you already did...
     did you REALLY think your plan to kidnap (and maybe kill??) the Bard would work for very long?

 Of course it would. He was clearly in love with the princess, and the poor misguided girl was equally in love with him. Why else would she give me up? If it hadn't been for those stupid dwarves....!

 I see. So, were you hoping to win back the princess or you just wanted revenge? Do tell.

Both! By getting rid of that pompous idiot, I'd be revenged on him, and she would see me for the infinitely superior man that I am!

 Oh you are superior...but what if the princess got mad after the disposal of her lover? (I mean, he was there first, after all.)

Please. A day in my company, and she would certainly get over that fool.
What about when y'all were together? I thought she was over you after that...

 ....Of course not. Temporarily deluded, nothing more.

 Right. Well, that's all the questions I can think of! Thank you so much for doing this with me. :) It's been fun!

Oh, but of course. I am always happy to speak with my fans.
Next post is Wednesday Wonder! I was asked to interview someone's character (of course I said YES) so I'll be posting in a week or so.

-The Writer

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  1. This is PRICELESS. Arliss, you vain, bad boy.

    I love the fact that the Princess has a name now. Brianna fits her so perfectly! I'm so excited to see 'The Princess and the Bard' again!

  2. I want to read this story so much right now it's not even funny. Arliss is hilarious. Thanks for the interview and the laughs!

  3. Ladies, I am completely charmed that you took the time to read of me...but that you were amused?? Really! There is nothing funny about being humiliated by a lazy pompous swine like the Bard!

    But I forgive you all. It would be unchivalrous to hold a grudge against the fairest sex.

  4. You're too kind, Arliss. :P

    Oh, I'm sorry. Sticking my tongue out was completely ungracious of me.

  5. And exactly WHY didn't I visit this sight earlier? That was hilarious!!! You Roy's sure do have vivid imaginations!!!

  6. "Anonymous" :)September 12, 2013 at 2:21 PM

    Oh, and Arliss-It is a well known fact that the Only thing VILLAINS are good at is deceiving fair ladies(who Always see the Villian for who he is in the end) and getting caught.....LOL