Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Wonders

Hey y'all.

I've changed my blog!
Today I was writing a crummy poem on the boat and that made me think of writing. So I started writing and the idea of 'A Writer's Ponderings' wouldn't go away. I know I didn't use my old blog Life at the Beach Cottage very much at all, but you can still see my beachy posts below.

But from now on, this is a writing blog! I'll post anything from advice I learned to advice from other bloggers to introducing other authors in Thursday's Author. I'm super hyped about this and there are many things I know I'll want to post in the near-future so I'll actually be using this blog!

The blog is still changing, by the way. There's all sorts of beach buttons and blinkies on the side and while it was a cute blog and all, I'm going to ditch the beach stuff and find me some good writer blinkies and quotes. Yeah baby!

Oh and help me out here. What name should I give myself? I know other blogger names like Evil Editor and stuff. Until you decide,

-The Writer

1 comment:

  1. Odulen an edraith angin!!!

    All right, then a name, huh? Let's see 'The Dastardly Designer', 'The Marvelous Molly', 'The W'ascally Writer', 'The Wacky Writer'.

    Hope it helps! I love your new blog, and I adore the quote you put at the top! Awesome!