Tuesday, February 19, 2013

At Le Beach House

Sooo we have been down here for a couple days. Dan has a three day weekend every month or so and we came visit him.
      He is just an hour away from our beach house! We were so glad to have him stationed so near us. Then Dan's wife also came down to see him, since she also had a break for the federal holiday. Then my cute lil niece and her daddy came with us. It was fun, and now just about everyone's gone...
     My dad is teaching a seminar down here so we'll be here for another day or two, and then we go home. I love our beach house and everything, but when it's not summer break from school and its too cold to swim, it's not the best fun, especially when not all your family is down to visit.
    Drrg there's not very much to update...but I knew I needed to post cause I can't figure out how to delete a blog. It's okay, I THOUGHT about deleting this cute themed blog, but I realized, I'd rather leave the pictures up, I like my beach theme, and even though I don't post often, I do like to keep my beach stuff in this blog.
     Yeah, I have three blogs, including this one...but it's sort of like folders, in a way. I keep my movie stuff in one blog, my beach stuff in one blog, and ramblings and things in my other. :-) besides, as long as I don't have a bajillion blogs, nobody really minds all that much, cause they don't HAVE to follow all of them. Just to clarify.

Eh, I'll post not later, but MUCH later! ha ha. I just wanted to let you know that I wasn't DEAD or anything. I'm still here. Or so you hope...

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